Meet The Ethnographers

A ‘Meet the Ethnographers’ page has been added to the HiSLAC website.

The ethnography team – all from the University of Leicester - will be conducting a qualitative sub-study at 20 case study sites to find out more about how hospitals organise systems for weekend care.

The dedicated webpage will give staff, patients and relatives quick, easy access to more details on the sub-study.

HiSLAC ethnographers will visit the selected hospitals several times over a three-year period, and will shadow different members of staff in Emergency Departments (EDs), Clinical Decision Units (CDUs) and on acute medical wards. Some staff and patients will also be asked if they are happy to take part in an informal, anonymous interview. Participation in the study is optional and staff, patients and relatives can say no at any time.

The data gathered will contribute to the evaluation of aspects of NHS England's policy drive to provide seven day services right across the NHS.


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