Ethnography protocol published

The article - The ‘weekend effect’ in acute medicine: A protocol for a team-based ethnography of weekend care for medical patients in acute hospital settings - establishes data collection and analysis methods for the team of social scientists based at the University of Leicester.

In the article, the authors state: “The findings will make a significant contribution to understanding the weekend effect in acute medical care, and the impact of specialist staffing at weekends on care delivery, patient and staff experience, and patient outcomes.”

The team have just completed a first round of observational visits to 20 participating NHS Acute Trusts. Data is being collected through observations and shadowing, and interviews with staff and patients.

The HiSLAC (High-Intensity Specialist Led Acute Care) project is an independent, nation-wide study to understand the impact on patient care of increasing specialist cover at weekends.

The full protocol can be found here. All publications are listed in the publications section of  the HiSLAC website.

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The whole HiSLAC team is looking forward to welcoming speakers and guests to today's Collaborators' Meeting #7dayservices #nhsresearch


HiSLAC Collaborator’s Meeting is on May 22. Speakers include @RachelMeacock; Louella Vaughan @NuffieldTrust & Prof Tim Evans @NHSImprovement


We're also looking at how hospitals are responding to policies for increased specialist intensity at w/ends & challenges faced #7dayservices


Our ethnography work offers insight into how #7dayservices policies are affecting the #NHS teams who deliver them #nhsresearch

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