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HiSLAC National Survey Launches Today

Today, all consultants and associate specialists will be asked to complete the third annual HiSLAC survey - a short anonymised questionnaire to contribute to a nationwide ‘snapshot’ of specialist intensity and 7-day services.

Bridging the research-practice gap

HiSLAC’s Communications Fellow, Louise Rowan has published an article on using communications techniques and technologies to maximise the impact of healthcare research.

HiSLAC Tweets


The whole HiSLAC team is looking forward to welcoming speakers and guests to today's Collaborators' Meeting #7dayservices #nhsresearch


HiSLAC Collaborator’s Meeting is on May 22. Speakers include @RachelMeacock; Louella Vaughan @NuffieldTrust & Prof Tim Evans @NHSImprovement


We're also looking at how hospitals are responding to policies for increased specialist intensity at w/ends & challenges faced #7dayservices


Our ethnography work offers insight into how #7dayservices policies are affecting the #NHS teams who deliver them #nhsresearch

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